Iraqi Dinars Authentication

After buying Iraqi Dinars, it is pretty important to check whether the Dinars are authentic or not. The best test to check the authenticity of Dinars is to run the currency through the De La Rue machine, but this machine is very expensive and this effort is almost sinceless for an individual investor. Here are five easy steps to check your twenty five thousant Iqari Dinar Note.

1. Hold the dinar up to the bright light. You fill see a horse head will appear. This is an embedded
pattern and not printed.
2. After that, look at the bottom left corner of the note from different positions, the eight sided
symbol will change color from purple to green.
3. You can also check the authenticity by holding a UV light over the note, you will see a UV box
with writing inside, on the backside of the note.
4. By seeing on the top left corner of the note, you will see a dove printed in matellic, on the back
of the dinar.
5. Also check the matellic security thread, which is embedded on the iraqi dinar paper.

Always buy 25k Iraqi dinar note from a trusted currency dealer and do not forget to receive a certificate of authenticity whereas you can also check the authenticity of Iraqi dinars by performing the given steps.


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